TRANCE DANCE: Will our Environment find peaceful co-existance with Technology?
They say that the land belongs to the caretakers of our planet but in so many ways, we ask ourselves, who are they and how effectively are they doing their job? My art seeks to explore areas of spirituality within that environmental/technological framework. We are deluged by everything 'wireless' yet we are unable to affect the kind of changes we need to in order to protect and nurture our environment. We exalt 'wireless' while subjegating what it means to be truly 'wireless'.
This image was selected and included in the DIMASALANG SHOWING: May 1-May 31 2018 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sym Mendoza (Dimasalang Group Filipino award-winning artist). Please visit the Moat Gallery in the Vancouver Public Library if you are in the area.
The line art is formed after the rough sketches are made. This image in particular helped me to determine the kind of composition I wanted to create for present and future studies.

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