Lady Azrie | Juliana Loh
The Arrival of Lady Azrie ushered in an era of goodness and light, honour, dignity, composure and honesty. This is the future I would like to see and the values I'd like to see enshrined in society. 2020 has brought its challenges, however we have encountered perennial lights where we thought there would be darkness. There is STILL hope.

Lady Azrie was featured in both VR and AR
Empryean Temple | Hosted by VRArtLive
Burning Man Festival (Sep 6 2020)
This project was hosted by VRArtLive in The Wave. My beautiful centaur looked even more stunning as part of a collection of VR artist. While I couldn't access The Wave itself (PC only), I was happy to hear the reactions of the people who attended the event as avatars.
"It was simply stunning and represented the beautiful colors of inclusion" - visitor

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