Project: ChronicleX, Location: The Shed NY May 2021 (video edited by Blinxel)
Credits: XRArtist for AR content 
Chronicle X at The Shed, NY produced in association with HERE Arts Center and Musical Theatre Factory By Nia O. Witherspoon Co-Directed by Mei Ann Teo & Nia O. Witherspoon June 3-4 2021​​​​​​​
My Experience:
Part of the XR Team headed by XR Producer Brandon Powers and XR Director Espii Proctor. 
I was hired as the XR Artist (Tiltbrush Artist) to design spatial work for the Augmented Reality portion onboarding process of the play. Within the Augmented Reality portion of the project, 3 doors or portals were created as part of the onboarding process. To access the AR, you were required to scan a QR code. 
Each of the portals represented symbolic images pertaining to the theme of the story. 
I painted: A TREE, Jellyfish, a galaxy and many words and phrases.
My Artistic Development Process: 
I was given a week to develop the workflow and to experiment with ideas. Once complete, I completed iterations while ensuring that the painting itself could keep its form even if decimation was required. Typically, AR files are very small. We used five different color requiring five different brush types. These were separated in unity.
Formal Process as described by XR Producer:​​​​​​​
It’s been an incredible process merging XR & live performance. Here’s some of the milestones of the process 🧵​​​​​​​ — Brandon Powers (@bpowtweets) June 7, 2021

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