Lance Weiler's list of awesome projects for 2023 was recently published and I had not at all expected our project to be included. I was more excited to see what everyone else was doing and what sort of work I had missed over the year. Lo and behold, I noticed something familiar as I got halfway down the page. It happened to be our project! We made the list! I was shocked and thrilled to see a short summary offered by FIVAR's very own curator and leader Keram Malicki-Sanchez. 
While this is not the first time my work has been included in Lance's list (Awaken the Giants 2021), I felt that this time around, we had put in so much more effort to realize a world that literally represents the biggest Tiltbrush-created experience in VR today. 
So congrats again to Mada de Leeuw and Chris Madsen for the mad scramble during these few months. We still cannot believe that we created, tested and put together the user experience part of our Dragon Magic / Freedom Giants world in less than 4 weeks! That's all the time we had before FIVARS began!
We are SO SO grateful for this opportunity to show our work especially as we are in the company of such incredibly people/projects some of which are both established and well funded. We hope to continue in that direction.
Thank you Lance :D yet again 2023!

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