XR Atlanta Art show Showcase | November 19 2020
I was honored to have my google tiltbrush work featured in the inaugural XR Atlanta Art show Showcase. 
In that week prior to the event, I learned video editing as well as how to record camera motions in the tiltbrush program. I went through every adobe premier tutorial I could find and eventually crafted seven "movies" combined into one just in time for the show. 
What is my vision as a VR artist?
My work concentrates on emotional storylines. Each video is edited and combined according to its emotional impact which I accomplish through a combination of edits, sound and music choices. I am also a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion and try to offer representation whenever I work for clients or for my own personal expression.
This is the collage I included with my artworks. It was featured beside my entry.
The actual tour was in social VR and our works were placed on video walls within a 'castle-like' setting. This is my 'avatar' standing in front of my presentation.

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