Pumpkin Harvest Time | Juliana Loh
Tiltbrush - a cinematic halloween story
October 26 2020
Halloween is coming up quickly! Brayden and his band of merry mummies are travelling around the country collecting 'magical' pumpkins planted last year by his father. They are working into the night and selling some of them at the Witchless County Fair. The 'special' pumpkins will be randomly scattered throughout local pumpkin patches a few days before Halloween. 
Each pumpkin will provide two free wishes to their hosts, but if they use it to do harm then they will be transformed into pumpkins themselves until their debt is eternally paid. It's all hard work and while Brayden gets impatient with his mummified friends, they eventually get the job done.
I really enjoyed painting this piece and editing it in adobe premier. Greens with shades of blues are synonymous with horror, strangeness and otherworld magic. I am very happy at how the orange and yellow shades of color complement the cooler tones. I used the camera path in the oculus quest to video the scene.

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