Giant Orange Fish: Juliana Loh
Everything begins with a story especially if it pertains with creatures of the sea.
Medium: Tiltbrush VR
This is Zoxo my alien Gulping Fish friend from the XAXXO universe. 

There is a situation in Zoxo's home planet that requires 'physical distancing' so she must protect her brood of musicians as she transports them from venue to venue.

Inside Zoxo's GIANT mouth is a secret auditorium where all the great musicians go to practise their instruments and sing their songs. The acoustics are awesome and Zoxo is able to travel the intergalactic seas with her own personal version of "Spotify". 

Unfortunately, the little fishies being very shy are reluctant to leave their massive inner sanctum. While they are excited to sing and perform to vast audiences, they suffer from huge bouts of anxiety and stage fright.

Zoxo understands this so as soon as she reaches each destination, she projects out a mighty carrot stick to entice the band of fishies to swim out of her mouth so that they can get out there and perform!

Some fishies take a little longer than others to to leave their safe sanctuary, but eventually they find their confidence when they see the bright lights and paying audiences.

When the tour is complete, each fishy takes a bow and then they all disappear back into Zoxo's mouth ready to do it all over again at the next performance. 

Life for the travelling band is pretty sweet!
I was honored to have two of my tiltbrush fish videos included in VRArtLive's Galactic Safari. It was my friend Laurie's first time producing this event and I was so proud to see her accomplishments.
Please see time code: 34:02 - 39:59 to view my work.
Here is my segment respectfully clipped from the compilation. I was proud to be among friends and fellow vr artists.

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