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Winter Warrior 2020
The Winter Warrior was painted in Tiltbrush in Sep 23-28 2020 and represents the spirit of adventure, strength and diversity. I designed the city and the courtyard first and then changed it from a busy urban city scene into a quiet winter environment. The juxtaposition between the dangerous energy of the character who apparently just dropped down from the helicopter from above verus the stillness of the environment adds an element of heightened emotion to the story of this so called 'futuristic bounty hunter.' Is she a 'good' person or someone to be feared? That is the question that I find compelling.
One of the "Easter eggs" that was particularly personal to me was the sticker found in the yellow Honda (taxi). I've been known to add positive affirmations in secret places within my paintings. 
The Story:
The story revolves around a time traveller in search of an assailant who has similar skills though counterfeit in nature. This person is of asian-caucasian descent. The next jump she takes will ask that she enter the world as a black woman in the middle of France. To enter the identity, you are given privy to her next assignment which is registered in her head. In order to find out what she must do next, you are asked to enter her form in tiltbrush virtual reality.

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