'Disjointed in the Realm of Duality' - Illustrations
This image describes the concept of duality. There is no dark without light, light without dark however when the narrative changes in such a way as to descend an entire nation in shock, one wonders if there are external forces outside of how we live that is controlling world events.
My image describes the spirits of confusion, fear, duplicity and fragmentation. It is both female/male, animal/human, realistic yet cartoon-like. No one object is cohesive yet the entire image reflects a mirror of how we have become.​​​​​​​
This drawing was also chosen to be presented at the Art Gallery.
This image was the very first sketch that precipitated my series. Interestingly, this image was created several months before I was actually sparked to illustrate the final drawings. This is a testament to the power and necessity of sketching and retrospecting.

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