A mini game ( Part of a transmedia experience)
I really like this "ROUGH" concept because it showcases two narratives:
1) The importance of telling a story about a castle seige from two timeline POV's.
2) Hierarchy of importance regarding the 'hero' vs. the 'castle'. In the first 'rough', the hero is featured with his head turned toward the words thereby directing the audience's gaze. The second 'rough' does the same thing but focuses more on the activity of the troops.
Note: Both photos conveyed shared the same graphic elements.
The game played out like a mini RTS. The player was able to purchase equipment, weapons etc. in exchange for gold pieces.
My stylistic forte is being able to create 'photo-realistic' layouts created by layering on realistic textured elements. Part of the challenge of that style is ensuring that all graphic elements are inkeeping with actual historic references.

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