Sebastian's Song: Ride to the Stars
Designer: Juliana Loh Story: Ivan Hayden
VR Artwork: Google Tiltbrush on the oculus quest

I created this image as a pre-conceptual model for a movie pitch. I was given a brief outline of a story and then the freedom to design the character and environment according to my own imagination. The model took a few days to paint. The video which incorporated camera paths from the linked version of the quest was created a few months later and featured in the XR Atlanta Art show November 19 2020.
To create a sense of 'magic', I infused the image with reactive brushes exclusive to tiltbrush in a dream-like palette that emphasized the power of imagination. How do you design 'charm' and 'fairy-like' scenes? ... by building a climax point within the actual animation and expressing a sense of both wonder and joy in the character and in the surreal landscape. 
This image contributed to the pitch pack we ran on Kaleidoscope. 
The image of the little boy was base off my imagined version of my friend's son 'Sam'. I felt that Sebastian needed to stand out in his orphanage even as he tried desperately to 'fit in'. Ginger-colored hair has always intrigued me. When I was young, I remember how the 'gingers' were teased by friends who weren't able to embrace their alabaster skin, light eyes and fiery hair.  I always thought that my 'ginger-haired' friends were 'magical'!

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