Spark and Sound 
In these last few months, I experienced challenges in my personal life that translated into the question:  If someone came from the future and shared everything you would experience with your partner, would you still accompany them?
As part of an offering selected by Shooting Gallery, I brought together a team to perform and execute a live show on March 7 2024 at the Sawmill Studios. It was a great initiative that resulted in a proof of concept that generated enthusiasm for live action in-person events. 
Huge thank you to sponsors Jacqueline Loh Coaching and Sawmill Studios as well as to everyone on the team who sacrificed time and sleep to put this remarkable together within 3-4 intense weeks.
Please go to for more detail.
"So very sensitive and beautiful, the interactivity works and the performance once again captivates" - Tom Edwards
"You've got a gift for translating emotions into uniquely human projects. It's play and experimentation that drives how fun this is. You almost forget it's XR - thank you" - Dina

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