Get Social Camp | Co-World Designer | Altspace (Social VR)
Titlbrush VR: Created for the inaugural Burning Man VR Experience
August-Sept 2020
I was invited by my friend Andy Fidel to contribute designs to her Get Social Camp for Burning Man VR (inaugural event). I designed the main stage for the guest DJ, a 'clubhouse' for meetups and elements within the camp framework including the pre-design for the register and sign-up. It was fun to work with Andy although having said that, our schedules (France and Canada) resulted in some very 'messed up' time clocks for both of us.
Art Direction:
My designs typically bring in elements of cultural artifacts. I incorporated an asian flavour to the buildings using vertical lines while adding personal motifs (easter eggs) within the rendering. We used the world editor inside altspaceVR to create the structures. Andy brought a unique Turkish sensibility that matched perfectly with our setting. Images of exotic warms tones and bright hues of red truly made for a memorable space.
DJ Stage:
Because the DJ Illuminatii's brand identity revolved around the shape of a triangle, I used both symmetrical as well as asymmetrical pieces to create a stage that would include a high-end bar and entertainment area. I also designed a large spatial area within the triangle structure where avatars could fly right down into the the DJ area to take photos/videos from 360 vantage points.
I added 'easter eggs', artefacts from my culture to reinforce elements of 'inclusion and diversity'.
The DJ stage was lit at night in another instance during the actual music production. The room held 30-50 avatars during the dance night.

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