I've created a lovely tribute to my friend "Bob". He lived his life with passion and joy and child-like wonder. In this video, I've documented Bob's  precious insights that he shared over these last weeks. One of the things that struck me about Bob was his faith in all things good and in his belief in the holy presence of the Creator. As I reflected about Bob's experience in a world where technology has taken hold, I pondered at our fragility and ruminated about the power of Rituals as bookmarks/timekeepers. How do we inject humanity into technology? First, we have to investigate what defines us.
The Power of Rituals:
Rituals enable us to celebrate and time stamp certain events in our lives. Every living creature understands what that means in their own special way. These are the things that separate living creatures from well… AI. And so I think that maybe we have to teach AI to become more like us in order to build relationships with that which is already here. 
What are some areas of spirituality that technology will and has helped to solve?
1) The need for humans to commune and to have spaces in which to connect and share. 
2) Wholistic and natural healing into areas that bring solitude and meditation. Places and opportunities that enable people to support climate and environmental change initiatives.
3) Spaces for ceremony and ritual, craft-making and communal design including sacred spaces for worship and remembrance
4) Areas of joy and exploration, education and meaning through experiences.
5) Circumstances that induce awe and wonder in ways that are transformative yet both intimate and accessible to all.

I’m excited about the future in the same way that my friend has helped me to strengthen my  relationship with the spirit world. Technology and spirituality may sound miles apart but I think that human beings will come to combine these two worlds in ways that will bring out the ‘fireflies’ in all of us. Let’s just see where this will land.  
In the meantime, ‘Bob’ offers a friendly wave filled with confidence for humanity. Bye ‘Bob’… have a good flight home.

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