Title: Cyborg-Enviro-Warrior 2017:  Symbolism + Surrealism 
Art Gallery Show in Lipont Gallery:

I was honored to have had my artwork selected at this prestigious show.
This is an image I illustrated back in March. It was one of three sketches I illustrated for a showing in the Lipont Centre Art Gallery at the auspicious ExplorAsian Show in Vancouver. I've since created more and will upload them as soon as possible. My style is a combination of 'mech/tech' in combination or juxtaposed with natural organic symbols and/or human nudes. ​​​​​​​
There are three themes in this image:
1) Environment vs Technology
2) Emotion versus Mechanization
3) The re-integration of the Feminine and the Conversation around Reproduction Rights
I used a combination of photoshopped images and illustrative drawing to render out the composition before I committed the image to pen and ink. I completed over 16 various designs until deciding on this combination represented below.
The work really begins with sketches and vignettes. Usually, I take photos of nudes to use in my work but this time, I didn't have any time. That meant that I had to source the web for nudes. The hardest part is to create an artistic narrative from 'found' images instead of being able to customize how you want the figures to look.

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