This video represents one of the many tests I conducted for my live VR art performance at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts. I worked on the creative visual design for several months. (May to November 2022) while Producer Grace Wood organized the entire show. She was a true force of nature! Our creative director maestro was Lucas Waldin. His vision meshed perfectly with work that I've been doing for years: to modernize and bring freshness to orchestras and traditional offerings.
My Approach: Star Wars as a story canon sits prominently in our global media consciousness. John Williams' musical scores in particular are heralded in the archives of popular culture. So while the actual VR live painting was fun, it did in fact undergo a complete deconstruction that represented an analysis of everything from the visual to the emotional beats.
The diagram below describes my analysis of the Lord of the Rings presentation as it was much longer at 9:36 than the shorter Star Wars piece.
The design changed many times moving from high realism to abstract expressionism. In the end, I just went with the music and painted from my heart. It was an amazing process. I received help from good friends Kiera, Brian and Jeff.

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