Fifth World Forum: Immersive VR Theatre 2020-2021
Team Earhart: Juliana Loh, Carol Dalrymple, Regine Gilbert, Rebecca Saw, Jim Garland and Marinda Botha
Title: Love Letters Lost
My Contributions: Story Writing & Interactivity, Art Direction/World Build (TiltbrushVR)
This is our final project presented by Carol Dalrymple. (8 min max)
(copyright belongs to 5WF)
Fifth Wall Forum represents a group of passionate theatre and professional XR dedicated to creating space for immersive theatre to grow and flourish. A culmination of six months work originated by a single tweet precipitated in a  global search aimed at finding and extending invitations to people at the 'top of their game'. The group received more than 200 applications. By March 13, eleven groups presented with projects representing a variety of amazing topics and platforms.
The story of Love Letters Lost is one that we have all experienced. A lost love, a misunderstanding, an entangled web all prevent some of us from moving on with our lives even though we have achieved successes in other areas. This immersive project bakes VR, story, scripts, game elements and audience participation into a unique lesson of learning and entertainment. 
It takes a despairing and confusing emotional situation and turns them into magical lessons that empower a hero, a fairy godmother and an adorable audience of magic mushrooms. Love Letters Lost is a comedic, light and entertaining rendition on the story of resolution that offers both a personal and collective conclusion.
Platform: Our immersive play is created in AltspaceVR. The script and interactive parts are designed using MRE's  (computer mini programs)
This production and opportunity to join a group like 5WF was very important to me because I wanted especially to learn how to create a story and interactive framework around a VR theatre production process. I worked from December on to invent/write a story framework around the myth of Demeter, Persephone and Hades. I also helped to design and align the interactivity with the story flow as well as completed the characterization, art direction and world build. 

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