GalactaJam - Art Direction + Game Assets + UI
Galactajam is a 'traffic game' and was designed for the Sony Mylo first but could be hosted on other hand-held devices. I worked virtually with designers all over the US especially with my friend Jeremy who designed the levels.
Game Objective:
Each mission presented different colored screens and ships. You are a future police officer in your red patrol ship. Your objective is to get to the DONUT shop. The moves that you will take give you the chance to gobble up both 'fast food' and gourmet food but all you want in the end are your beloved donuts.
In the future, some things never change!
I illustrated these ships keeping in mind that each ship was sized to either two or three square tiles. Each ship had to be designed uniquely so that looking at it on a small screen, the ships could be identifiable.

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