Sinisteria and Shriek | Juliana Loh
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2020 has been challenging in so many ways not because only because we are in the midst of a covid pandemic, but because we have had to endure the ensuing chaos coming out from US politics. In the second week of January 2021, everything came to a climatic standstill when a mob incited by President Trump stormed the capital. What transpired after that was nothing less than the most anxiety-filled days of this year.
This piece represents the feelings/emotions of what it is like to live during these days. I spent many hours mixing different sounds such as alligators hissing and trumpeting elephants mixed with buzz saws just to get the right texture.

Both Sinisteria and Shriek rule the subconscious each one fired by the dance of confusion and noise. What lays inside of the mask is a smaller version of both forms controlling the mechanisms that have given rise to this circumstance.

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