Project: Lalina Kai "High Priestess" of the Roasa Sci-Fi World
Thoughts: Creating concept art is an exercise in imagination and research. Finding the right look along with the color, style and fluidity of the characters is part of the aesthetic process. The rest is actual research and investigation into the culture and technology embodied by the characters.
Fashion tells the 'story' of the civilization , the race and the identity of the inhabitants. The more 'free time' a culture possesses, the more it indicates its evolution along cultural lines. The appreciation of high art forms whether that be writing or designing is dependent on how much time a society has to introspect, critically look at itself and decide how they want to be presented.
The most important part of all concept art is understanding where the story history and worlds have impacted the characters. 
Sidenote: I started doing digital painting even before the wacom came out so much of what I did was created with a mouse. I wouldn't recommend it but it forced me to learn how to identify values first before moving into color. 

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