JAZZ ALIVE 2020 | Juliana Loh
Tiltbrush - Virtual Reality Artwork - Diversity in the Music World | Dec 12 2020
Concept: Jazz musicians have always amazed me by their versatility and ability to improvise at a moment's notice. From 1959 to 1961, jazz musician Sonny Rollins found refuge on The Brooklyn Bridge. Away from his cramped apartment and safe from those whose sleep was far more important than the genius sounds of a rising jazz star, Sonny's efforts resulted in the album The Bridge which was released in 1962.

The first time I saw Sonny Rollins play was in 2012 and then a few years later. As a high school saxophone player, I was both moved and delighted by Mr. Rollin's style and musical talent. So much about what we know about music is rooted in African American culture that it is impossible to truly appreciate the multiple genres that exist today without delving into black history. 

My tiltbrush painting of Sonny Rollins was selected by the crew at Artlive for their annual VRBurn 2020 and was featured as part of a collective of fellow VR artists. It was hosted in December 12 2020 in VRChat and animated in unity by my talented friend The Sabby Life.
How has the pandemic affected us over 2020? I mentioned that it brought music even further to our lives by cross-playing over various sources of media. We listened to nostalgia in games, played to new forms of virtual beings in altspaceVR and shared memories between various generations within the closed spaces that we inhabited. 

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