“Our team has been bustling with activity, and it's been an incredibly rewarding period. We're thrilled to share the exciting news of our acceptance into multiple prestigious XR festivals in the past three months. Additionally, our project received its second nomination for the Aurea Awards show, an event that celebrates excellence in XR design. The honor and pleasure of being part of these acclaimed festivals and nominations have truly made this a remarkable time for us.”

If you'd like to catch a glimpse of the kind of tours we offer, please view this video generously shared by the wonderful staff at PXR Festival: https://youtu.be/9tuVDrhPQSA?si=Cb573SIZFXHNLSlK
While we will not be at the finals at the Aurea Awards this year, the joy of nominating, supporting and witnessing the success of a young up-and-coming group brings immense satisfaction. As a community builder, supporting fellow creators in the XR field is not just about strengthening bonds; it's about validating the essence of what makes a project truly exceptional. 
This is the second year I have nominated a group that I feel fits in with the Aurea brand. Last year, to my absolute joy and pleasure, the first group actually took home two awards in 2022. I will not name them as I would like to share in their joy of publicly expressing their identity and showing off their awards. 
The second group represented by two diverse women will represent DigiBC.  I have never met them in person, however we did in fact traverse in my VR world where we shared mutual expressions of  enthusiasm for our craft. I will also extend to them the courtesy of publicizing themselves as well and will wave my supportive flag from behind! The best part about doing what I do is the act of sharing other amazing projects!
Juliana Loh (Story + Google Tiltbrush) 
Mada de Leeuw: Development & Production
Chris Madsen: Experience Design

Finally, one of the nicest things that we experienced was receiving shout outs in two of Kent Bye's Voices of VR podcast. Kent has a gift of creating comfortable spaces for curators to truly communicate their visions. This year's recorded thoughts by Mária Rakušanová and Joe Hunting and Keram Malicki-Sánchez were exceptional. You should have a listen.
FIVARS Voices of VR​​​​​​​

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