The Blue Boat 2021
Medium: Tiltbrush VR
Peace and Hope: A Tribute to Healers around the World
The Blue Boat - Using Visual Imagery and Sound to Honor our Healers
I created this beautiful piece months ago and then forgot about it until this past weekend when I opened it up in my oculus quest again. I knew that I had painted it but I never truly realized how beautiful and powerful the experience of moving through the landscape was. I shared it with friends and realized why it holds such importance especially in a post covid world.
The Blue Boat was created as part of my Synthesis series designed to bring cultures and global wonders to light. Each 'storified VR image' incorporates my observations and experiences during the pandemic. The theme of BIPOC and nature is often at the heart of my work so today's Blue Boat experience holds space and offers gratitude to the many different health workers and healing professionals who came to the aid of so many people in need. As the situation changes for people across the globe, we will continue to rely on the services of these very special people especially as we learn to navigate the mental health and well-being sphere. 
Thank you to all the healers in the world however you define yourselves. We are indebted.​​​​​​​

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