ALOFT HOTELS: Illustration, UX, Art and Design
In 2008-9 I was brought on by Shift Control Media to help solidify ALOFT hotel's sub-brand (Subsidiary of Starwood Hotels). The project itself was huge and required delving into 4 sub 'experiences' in the site all of which required a strong understanding of game design, user experience and visual hierarchy.

The first project required me to design a clear set of user interface designs that would enable the audience to choose which hotel to visit. Once they selected the location they wanted to visit, they were able to investigate it and compare it to other locations. 

The second part of my work revolved around researching content and designing user experiences/graphics around 4 branded entertainment games. 

Selecting particular hotels enabled the customer to compare and contrast experiences. I designed the user experience, interfaces, sign up procedure and email formats.
Customers were also able to upload their own photos that they took at various locations.
As a visitor, you were given the opportunity to visit the ALOFT location of your choice and if you took photos to upload them on the site. 
As one of the main game experiences, the user was given the option to travel across the US in a bid to 'race' to the end of the line. Trivia questions served as 'power ups' and 'pit stops' whereby answering them correctly would enable the player to move to the next 'city stop'.
This is the main screen. The visitor is able to choose which game or experience they want to play.
You were given the choice to play: 
1) virtual pool
2) trivia matters 
3) DJ Dance music mixer
4) animated Mix and Shake (mixology game)
As one travelled throughout the United States, they were able to collect "experience badges". These were the 'virtual' trophies that people could win as they moved from city to city after correctly answering trivia questions. I designed/illustrated or modified the badges so that they are recognizable and readable.

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