One Hour VR Art: Food Gathering (Father and Child) 
March 27 2021: Event hosted by VRArtLive
The Story: 
A father and his child prepare for the annual feast called "The Gathering". It is a moment of celebration however, a sense of foreboding weaves its way into the rituals as the village finds itself partially unprotected. This year, the harvest grows too slow and the husks that are natural protectants are not numerous enough to emit the high frequency vibrations that keep the enemies at bay. Collecting any sort of food requires the villagers to be on high alert.
Music by: Zapsplatt
We were given one hour to compete. The theme was 'colourful'.
I tried a few techniques that I hadn't used before including cloning my head into one solid piece. Typically, I design heads in piecemeal format specializing in the form and shape and designing specifically to the muscle region overtop the facial structure. This time since my mandate was to get as much output as I possibly could within a one hour time limit, I relied solely on my skills and intuition and joy of the work rather than a need to compete. I did not feel nervous because it felt more like a practise session than anything else. This testifies to the power of 'flow' and its mesmerizing effects on the artist or creator.

Time: Sketch
30 minutes on the purple man
10 minutes on the environment 
15 minutes on the child 

What did I learn? 
1) I have painted faces before however I was pretty happy with the quality of the humanoid that I created. I used the duplicate feature on the tiltbrush for the first time. It turned out better than I thought. Typically, I paint faces and heads individualistically.
2) When you are in flow, even though in a time-based competition, time does in fact stands still.

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